Dying in the heat

21 Jul

Back in December, I had Kim of Kim’s Upholstery make a new cushion for Skunkie’s kitchen couch (not to be confused with any of her other couches), as she (Skunkie, not Kim) had shredded the original one with her fangie finger nails of doom.

We couldn’t find a good match for the orange of the couch and I made a rushed decision on fabric and material, and went with green velvet and foam. Kim very kindly went straight to work, as I wanted a cushion in place for the Holiday Home Tour that my house was on (proceeds benefitted the Springfield Preservation Trust). Before it was made, I regretted my choice and wanted to switch to black and white striped fabric and a down cushion. Alas, it was too late. So Skunkie and I lived with the green cushion, but I kept meaning to dye it deep purple. I got the dye months ago and finally got around to do it today in the heat wave.

I used one package of RIT purple powder and one package of RIT navy blue powder and (mostly) followed the instructions. The fabric may have shrunk a smidgen, but I like the color much better now (and Skunkie seems to approve, too).

I washed the cover first (it’s a cotton-based velvet), then filled up the washing machine with water (supposed to be hot, but my machine is funky and it was tepid), put the dye in a container with hot water, salt, and washing detergent and mixed it all around. Let it sit for about an hour, then ran the machine et voila. It’s not as deep a purple as I was expecting, but it’s better than that green.

One Response to “Dying in the heat”

  1. Alexis L. July 22, 2011 at 11:14 am #

    I cannot believe you were able to do that with a RIT dye. I have *never* been able to accomplish an even color on a piece. And I agree–the color is a real improvement.

    (There was an error the first time I tried to post. Will you pls delete that post and approve this one instead? Thanks bunches!)

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