Tag sale

5 Jun

I had what I hope will be my last ever tag sale this weekend. I hope it will be the last ever because I have now instituted a “one in, one out” policy for clothing, housewares, and knick-knacks. So…. that should keep things in their current state of VIctorian minimalist (my new style).

I made a bunch of money, and sold a bunch of stuff. Hooray! Also found a woman (via Freecylce) who is my size for clothes and shoes, who lost everything in the tornado and was able to give her bags and bags of stuff. Glad to help and glad to have all that stuff out of my house.

Here’s a pre-sale photo:

Most of the stuff went to people on the street — more of a swap meet than a tag sale, as one neighbor quipped. Good, I’ll get to visit my leopard print chairs that way. 🙂

There were a few of us out selling, and we all found Saturday was much better than Sunday. Good thing to keep in mind for those thinking of having a tag sale in the future (not me, I’m all about one in one out). All about it.

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