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Couch coup

16 Jun

The couch in my library was ill-treated by Skunkie over the years. During the Corn Cob Incident (she had a corn cob rattling around in her system for four months and it was discovered after massive inky spewing and several trips to the vet, culminating with a surgery that found the offending corn cob), she befouled the couch. During the Itchy Years, she rubbed her raw bleeding hide against the couch. And most recently, Just For The Hell of It, she destroyed one of the cushions.

So I started looking for a new couch on Craigslist (where I look for everything). I looked high and low in the free section (ibid) and every time I saw a freebie I liked, it was gone. So I expanded to the for sale section and searched for “blue velvet couch.” I found one. Kind of dim photo, but it looked pretty good. The post said it came with slipcovers, which I thought would be helpful for dog effluvia. But the ad was from April, so I figured it was already sold. I gave it a shot and emailed the poster.

The couch had not been sold — hooray! So off I went to look at it. What a beaut! Rich, silky, heavy blue velvet. Not a scratch, hole, or dog barf stain on it (maybe a few coffee stains). Perfectly acceptable slip covers. Down I sat…. oooh — is that down feathers I feel? Why yes, yes it is. Why? Because it’s a super duper fancy couch — Henredon something something Schoenbeck. What do I know from fancy couches? Well, I know this, I’ll never feel right sitting on a humble couch again, because old fancy boy is fantastic.

Rob and Toli (thank heavens for friends with friendly POSSLQs) heaved it up the stairs (those fancy components are heavy). I took out all the rugs (see Skunkie) and it’s very clean and sharp up in the library with the fabulous couch! One in one out is in effect, so I’m trying to unload the old couch on…. Craigslist, of course.

The couch and room look better in person than in the photos, but they look pretty good in the photos, too.

Tag sale

5 Jun

I had what I hope will be my last ever tag sale this weekend. I hope it will be the last ever because I have now instituted a “one in, one out” policy for clothing, housewares, and knick-knacks. So…. that should keep things in their current state of VIctorian minimalist (my new style).

I made a bunch of money, and sold a bunch of stuff. Hooray! Also found a woman (via Freecylce) who is my size for clothes and shoes, who lost everything in the tornado and was able to give her bags and bags of stuff. Glad to help and glad to have all that stuff out of my house.

Here’s a pre-sale photo:

Most of the stuff went to people on the street — more of a swap meet than a tag sale, as one neighbor quipped. Good, I’ll get to visit my leopard print chairs that way. 🙂

There were a few of us out selling, and we all found Saturday was much better than Sunday. Good thing to keep in mind for those thinking of having a tag sale in the future (not me, I’m all about one in one out). All about it.


2 Jun

Two tornadoes (!?!) touched down in Springfield yesterday, and the area about two blocks from my house had some pretty big damages. My house and my street were untouched, thank heavens. I went for a walk around today to take photos of the damage (and tried to pretend I was with the press corps following John Kerry, but that didn’t last very long before a police officer spotted me and Liz as civilians and made us leave). I also took some photos of buildings (and concrete urns on top of a building) that I thought were quite rickety, but that survived the storms. My battery died after a while, but here are some photos of the morning after a tornado:

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