Free bathroom fabulosity continues!

9 Apr

I decided to try to get all free fixtures for my new guest bathroom. I lurked on CL and Freecycle and quickly found a wonderful vintage toilet from a church. Next, I got a fabulous wall-mounted sink (with faucets!) that’s practically brand-new from a family that was remodeling. Then I looked and looked for a tub. And looked. My friend Liz, who is often my companion on these escapades and frequently my heavy lifting partner, informed me in no uncertain terms that she would NOT be carrying a cast iron tub to the tub floor. I kind of figured she actually would if it came down to it. But today we picked up…..a BRAND SPANKING NEW fiberglass tub! FOR FREE!!!! Ha!

It’s so new it’s still in the box AND in its protective filmy wrap. Said wrap is blue. Baby blue. We both thought it was the color of the tub (I didn’t ask when I saw it on CL in the free department — I just said, “I’ll take it!”). On the ride home from Chelmsford, I thought up all sorts of ways to love the (really ugly) baby blue color. “It will enhance the color of water,” I said. “We can be-dazzle it,” said Liz.

When we got it home and began to unbox it, Liz said — “uh oh, there’s a scratch!” We investigated further and that’s when we found it was not really blue — it was protective film. Hoooooray!

The tub is an American Standard Acrylux bathtub. The particular model is discontinued, but similar ones go for $250 — $350. Yay! The total cost for us was maybe $20 in gas and $10 in ice cream and coffee from Kimball Farm Stand (worth it for the ice cream alone, yum, not to mention the petting zoo with escaping roosters!) on the way home. A lovely drive on a sunny and warm afternoon. What a deal!

So now I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for free tub faucets and a shower head. And drywall. And start re-saving for a plumber. I had a miscalculation in my taxes and had to pay the IRS and state the money that I was setting aside for the plumbing. Sigh.

But on the very bright side — I’ve got a whole suite of bathroom for free — and it’s all the same color!!!! And the cats have a ginormous box to play with until recycling day. Yay, America — land of the free!

One Response to “Free bathroom fabulosity continues!”

  1. Alexis L., The Studioist May 19, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    The tub story is hilarious. Good for you. I’d love to freecycle a room but we have very few rooms and I am not sure my husband would tolerate such adventures. I have a prewar baby blue tub (and toilet!)(and tile!) and I’d love to find out they were just covered with a really tenacious film but I won’t hold my breath.

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