Intruder in the Garden!

4 Apr

There has been a short, gray, and stripey stranger roaming around the alley lately, and yesterday he (or she) decided to poke around in the back garden. Jerome immediately went on high alert with tail swishing, heavy breathing, and frantic running between the window and door. Claudette reacted with a shrug and began grooming herself and rolling around in a sunbeam.

The stripey cat just sat there, separated only by a glass door. I stood inside with Jerome and we exchanged opinions about where the stripey cat came from, who would win in a cat fight, whether he liked to have his belly scratched, etc. etc. The cat was really unfazed. Eventually Skunkie (the dog) wanted to go out and “do her business” so I went out to warn the stripey cat and he turned into a big chicken and ran away in terror. The end.

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