Recent acquisition

16 Mar

Skunkie has fangy fingernails of doom. It requires a vet, a vet tech, a muzzle and me to trim her fingernails. So it gets done twice a year (and it costs fifty bucks — pesty dog!). So she recently tore through the happy sunflower sheet that had been draped on the sofa in the library to cover up the seat cushion through which she had previously torn.

I wanted something a bit more durable than that thin old sheet (which I repurposed to cover up the cushion). So off I went to Savers to see what they might have. I found a loverly furniture throw (can you believe it — just what I wanted) and it was in the half-price tag color! So, the original price was $5.99, but half-price (with tax) was $3.17. I was short a penny, but they let me slide, so I got this lovely throw for $3.16 — hooray! And it’s Skunkie-approved. Here she is preening and sleeping on the new throw.

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