Hey Ladies!

8 Mar

Happy International Women’s Day!

Do you celebrate? It’s the 100th anniversary. This is a day of celebration that’s big in other places, and not so well-known here. The first time I even heard of it was when I lived in Italy. There (well, there then — we’re talking about 15 years ago now), men gave out little sprigs of mimosa blossoms to women they admired. This year, women in Italy and Italian women in estero (especially in Australia, where there are lots of people of Italian ancestry) are protesting Silvio Berlusconi (who, I think everyone but he himself agrees, is absolutely detrimental to women in every possible way).

I heard on the radio that women in the middle-eastern and African countries that are in revolution right now are also planning to make a special effort today to insist that their — OUR — rights are established as part of the new governments coming in — so they are not told to “wait until later.”

Best wishes to the women of the world — Italy, Algeria, Egypt above all.


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