Tag sale soul mate discovery

12 Feb

Have you ever been to a tag sale and thought you’d found your soul mate? A few years ago, Liz and I went to an estate sale and she found hers. The house had been inhabited by someone who shared Liz’s passion for textiles, pom-poms and Syrocco wall art. Liz loved every inch of that place and walked out with bags full of goods.

Today I found mine. It was a large house (some people at the sale were calling it a mansion, but I disagree) and the previous occupant had a passion for hand-painted tiles, plants, books that I love (someone else snapped up a Richard Brautigan title that was missing from my own Brautigan collection), ceramics, and fabulous furniture. I went looking for a begonia plant. The sale started at 8:00 and by the time I arrived at 9:15, the place was nearly cleaned out. And yet — I managed to find some treasures. A wrought-iron plant stand for garden thaw time. Three hand-painted decorative tiles. Three books. And a wonderful hand-painted tray featuring Diana with a quiver full of arrows and dogs at her heels. The dogs in the painting remind me of the dog on one of the tiles and I wonder if the late lady of the house painted it. I felt like I was taking a bit of her kindred spirit with me. Grand total? Ten bucks.

But no begonia. The lady of the house was a smoker, as evidenced by ashtrays everywhere, and I felt such a bond with her that for a moment I thought perhaps I ought to pick up smoking, in sympathy with her.


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