Native tomatoes in February

12 Feb

Well, they’re frozen. Last year, I planted two inexpensive tomato plants from Job Lots. They grew like crazy. I was harvesting tomatoes through November. I’d never tried freezing tomatoes before, but I had so many (and they were so good) that I figured I’d give it a try. I found a bunch of different techniques, but decided on this one:

1. Give the tomato a quick dip in boiling water then an ice plunge, rub/peel the skin off.
2. Get as many of the seeds/water out as you can.
3. Cut them into biggish pieces
4. Put ’em in bags and freeze ’em.

I thawed out a bag (this probably has three toms in it) under hot water in the sink, drained out the additional water, and cooked these up in a sauce the other day. A little bit of native tomato goodness in February indeed.


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