Floor show

12 Feb

I recently got some books in the mail. They came in a box. Said box has become Claudette’s playhouse. One of her favorite activities is for me to shake the feathers-on-a-stick toy at her. She then runs inside the box, and starts charging at the toy, pushing the box all over the floor.

Jerome likes to drink out of Skunkie’s water bowl. I think he does this just to wind her up. Skunkie gets very nervous and walks over to the bowl, looks at Jerome with consternation, and then slinks off when Jerome indicates his utter disdain for her dogginess. When he drinks his fill, she goes back over and sniffs around, pretending she scared him away.

Then Jerome hops in the box, because he wants to see what Claudette likes about it, but he just doesn’t get the whole box thing and he storms off.

This the morning floor show these days. It just doesn’t get old!

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