How to save a Boston Cream Pie tottering on the edge of disaster.

30 Jan

A Boston Cream Pie has three components — the cake part, the custard part, and the chocolate glaze part. I decided to make one for the first time with very little time to spare to bring to a dinner party last night. Something went wrong with each component, and YET, I managed to salvage a rather tasty dessert. Perhaps not much to look at, but easy on the gullet.

First mishap: The sponge/cake part. It needed to be baked in a 9″ springform pan. Okay. But mine leaked. So half of the sponge wound up on the bottom of the oven. See photo below: I figured I’d make a trifle or something, and that all wasn’t lost, so I went on to the next component while what survived of the cake cooled. In the end, I was able to slice what remained in half and made two thin layers of cake.

Second mishap: The custard/scrambled egg part. It curdled. I know that an ice cube will rescue curdled hollandaise sauce, but I didn’t have one, so I poured a bunch of heavy cream (cold, from the fridge) in and transferred it out of the saucepan. So far, so good. It uncurdled, but it was really, really hot. So I put it in the freezer. (See photo)

Third mishap: The chocolate glaze part. It was bitter and there wasn’t enough to cover the cake (judging by the looks of it). So I added a bunch of confectioners sugar and shortening to make it into a better glaze (a very good decision).

So, in the end, I managed to make a huge mess of the kitchen, a big pile of dishes in the sink, and a kind of ugly looking cake, but it was a hit at the party. The end.


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