Skunkie’s foray into remodelling

27 Jan

Skunkie has always had some sort of an issue with one particular cushion on the couch in the library. Over the years, she has scratched and pawed at this one area. Now unlike most of my belongings, I bought this one new, from a fancy pants furniture company (in the clearance area, though), so I don’t think a family of squirrels or something lived in it previously (‘tho maybe that’s why it was on clearance?).

Because she has also barfed on it (see: corn-cob incident) and ripped up the fancy upholstery with her razor sharp talons (that she refuses to allow anyone to touch, so her twice-a-year nail clipping requires three people…), I put a slipcover and sheet over it so it’s less visibly horrifying.

But the other day, she decided she’d had enough and had to excise the evil spirits and create a little dog nest in the offending cushion. Voila:


One Response to “Skunkie’s foray into remodelling”

  1. hmelcookie February 9, 2012 at 7:25 pm #

    Isn’t that crazy? You just have to wonder what goes through a dog’s head. Maybe that pillow has been making fun of him for months and he couldn’t take it anymore.

    My dog is a complete nutjob and has this strange habit of staring past or above my head. I think it’s just payback for the times I pinch his hiney and call him Chunky Monkey. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your remodels with everyone. I love hearing about restoration projects!

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