Free loo!

27 Jan

I have made a big commitment to living frugally in order to finish the home renovations and then set out on traveling the world.

To those ends, I’ve vowed to attempt to install a new guest bathroom and a little kitchenette in the guest sitting room for $1500 total. Thusly, I need to get as much free stuff as possible.

First step — a free toilet. An Episcopalian toilet for free, no less. Found it on Craigslist, it had been decommissioned from a local rectory. Picked it up with the help of Liz, my trusty companion on crazy adventures, and we hauled it up to the top floor where it will one day flush contentedly.

Am now searching for a free sink and bath/shower (fiberglass would be nice, as Liz has refused to help me carry a cast iron tub to the fourth floor. I can’t blame her).

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