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Holiday Home Tour a success (phew!)

8 Dec

On Sunday, I opened up two floors of my house for a fundraiser Holiday Home Tour for the Springfield Preservation Trust. This was the reason I was furiously painting and cleaning for the past fortnight or so. I had alternating feelings of panic (I don’t have enough decorations! Everyone’s going to think my hallways are ghastly) and resignation (eh, ornaments shornaments, halls, schmalls).

In the end, all was well (as it always is, as Julian of Norwich was fond of saying). The people on the tour were extremely nice and appreciative of our (there were six homes on the tour) opening our places up. When the president of the Trust came by, I said to him “Well, this is the understated version of Christmas decor,” (mind you, dear reader, this is the most my house has EVER been done up for Christmas and I borrowed quite a few decorations). He replied, “Well, it’s a continuum of ornament on this tour.” Ha ha! Some of the places had a chicken in every pot and a tree in every room. I love my crooked old tree and my vintage ornaments, and it’s a delight to have a clean house and a freshly painted kitchen, so I’m considering the tour a win-win.