Here we go…. Day One in the Kitchen

22 Nov

No turning back now. I’ve started priming the brick wall. It’s slow going, but a great arm-strength builder. Yo, heave ho, unh. What was that from? I think it’s called “The Volga Boat Song” and it’s my mental soundtrack to trying to get the primer in all the nooks and crannies.

I love how the brick looks painted. I think it has much more visual interest. The raw brick was just so dingy and flakey. It’s reflecting light already, and I think that with the black ceiling it’s going to be stunning.

I got Glidden’s “Gripper” primer at the Home Depot, and it’s got pretty good coverage, but the wall itself is in such poor nick that I’m getting quite a workout trying to cover everything. So my goal today (Monday) is to get the whole brick wall primed before I have to go to work this afternoon. Then Wednesday will be the day to finish the skim coating and start painting the ceiling. Thursday I’ll prime the skim coat. I don’t know that any work will occur on Friday, so Saturday and Sunday are the big push to paint. Eeek!

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