Day One — end of day report

22 Nov

What a crazy day. In addition to painting this brick wall, I had to go out for more primer (and got all the rest of the supplies while at it) and fight Thanksgiving traffic plus un-ending I-91 construction, the plumber came to fix the leaking hot water heater (came and went and came again — he brought the wrong part), and while here we discovered a big leak from elsewhere in the basement — that’s going to entail cutting into walls to discover the source of… ugh.. Also, the mobile vet came to trim the dog’s fangy fingernails and drain the hemotoma in her ear 😦 poor little doglette! She needs special ointment in her ear, but should soon be on the mend. Plus a neighbor brought her a steak bone (which she horked down in one gulp) so that cheered her up a bit. And now… Off to teach!

At least I managed to finish priming the wall with all this other stuff going on. It’s BLINDING. Can’t wait to get the ceiling blackened and tamp the light down a bit 🙂

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