“That’s a new floor?” quoth he

19 Nov

When I had a new furnace installed in 2008, a couple of tiles on the kitchen floor leading to the basement got chipped. The furnace guy sent a tile guy to fix ’em, and they got done today. You can’t rush into these things. Anyway, the tile guy was great and said, “keep me in mind if you ever need any tile work.”

“A-ha,” I thought. “Could you take a look at a grouting disaster I created in my bathroom?” I told him that I had done a horrible job grouting the floor (to save money) when it was installed this summer. “Sure,” he says. So off we go up flight after flight of stairs to survey the situation. “That’s a new floor?” he asks, incredulously. I smiled. “You need to take all that grout out and re-grout it,” he opines. “Not bloody likely,” I say silently.

After he left, I wondered if it was the style or the generally poor state of grout that made him ask about the vintage of the floor. If the former, I am complimented, if the latter, a little sad at another reminder of my low standards. Ah well.

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