Fregan news

15 Nov

I’m kind of broke. That’s not news. The “economic downturn” Great Depression 2.0 has hit me pretty hard and while I’m not totally unemployed, let’s just say I’m not living up to my full earning potential.

In the past, I’ve borrowed and scraped and lived beyond my means, coming up with all sorts of crazy schemes to make ends meet which usually involved ever increasing debt. Wait, isn’t that what the government did, too? Anyway, I’m too small to get a bail-out, so I’m taking a totally new track and entering 2011 living within (hopefully below) my limited means.

A few years ago when I was similarly broke, I instituted “The Summer of Free” and pledged to spruce up my garden with all free or swapped plants. It worked out great — I always find that the universe provides. So I’m getting back to freganism and scouring Craigslist and Freecycle for free stuff that I need and/or want around the house.

Today, I got this lovely credenza for my office (I managed to load it into my little hatchback by myself and a friend was passing by when I got home and she helped me bring it inside):

It was free from Craigslist. Okay, it had some chicken feathers stuck to it and some of the drawers had come apart, but I wiped the feathers off and got busy with a hammer, and now it’s grand. It needs door pulls, but I think I have some around.

Over the weekend, my friend Liz (companion on many crazy outings and hare-brained schemes) and I went to a “Free Tag Sale” — the people were moving and getting rid of everything. I picked up a bunch of Christmas ornaments for the House Tour I’ve agreed to put my house on (Dec. 5th!).

So, I’m hoping that I can stick to my guns (and my budget) and save up for the new struts (for the car), new roof, storm windows, and other essentials that I need and use the excesses of our consumer culture to get stuff that is nonessential for free.

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