Best laid plans…

15 Nov

This mouse’s latest plans have come to naught. The tile guy came, took a look, and said he’d be calling me to tell me when he was coming to do the work. No such call as of yet.

I borrowed one of those crazy adjustable ladders and did a trial climb to the top with no hands to simulate the paper hanging experience and it was like being hands-free on Mt. Everest. Scary as all get-out, plus I couldn’t reach the top.

So I’ll have to hire someone to hang the paper on the vertiginous stairs. I called someone who’d given me a quote nearly a year ago to see if he could do just this part of it, and it turns out he’s now disabled after heart surgery! He was so young and fit — he’s on the mend, but not able to work. Glad that he’s okay and recuperating.

I’ve decided to just put it off until post-roof, and let the tour-goers simply enjoy my spackled and plain hallway. “tis what ’tis.

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