Coming soon — projects

10 Nov

A few years ago, I got a new furnace. When they installed it and removed the old cast-iron beauty that was in the basement, they broke a couple of tiles. The furnace guy (who I’ve known for ages) said his friend would come and fix the broken tiles. Earlier this year, the same furnace guy (Cosimo — he’s your guy in greater Springfield, Mass for furnace-related stuff) came and put in two new cute oil tanks to replace my dripping old one. He noticed his friend had never fixed the tiles, so the guy is coming today (I believe) to fix them. Here’s Jerome inspecting the before situation:

I’ve also gotten roped into agreed to open my house up for a Holiday Tour on December 5th. I’m taking that as the impetus to at least wallpaper this stairwell (see spackling done this morning) if not the hallway upstairs into which it opens:

I will be continuing the stripes. I just have to find one of those adjustable ladders that work on stairs.

And here’s a photo of Claudette practicing her chameleon-like camouflaging technique on her favorite couch:

You might have to look very hard to see her. She’s the big fluffy cat. But virtually indistinguishable from the couch — just much cuter!


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