30 Oct

I got rid of my TV in August. I’ve been really intrigued by some people’s responses to this. Many people have reacted with outrage/shock, saying “What do you do with your time?” or “Don’t you miss it?”. Well, I read a lot and don’t miss tv at all. I felt like it was adding no value to my life, and when I had it, I’d turn it on rather than read (even when I really wanted to read), because it took no effort.

I’ve been really taken aback by the strength of people’s reactions — like I said I’d just drowned a puppy or something. It’s just a stupid tv!

I was listening to “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” on the radio today (I am an epic radio listener) and they mentioned a study linking depression with enjoyment of television viewing. Here’s an article about the study.

Who knew? I’m definitely happier without the telly (not that I thought I was depressed or unhappy with it – -just wasting my time), and I’m certainly reading more. I’ll direct my interlocutors to this study the next time they give me the old shock and awe about being boob tube-less.

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