New lights in kitchen

30 Oct

Hooray! The electricians (Ron and Dave) who did the work in my bathroom came by today and installed the pendant lights that I’d gotten on Craigslist (for ten bucks) in the kitchen (installation cost a bit more than that…. eek!). So now I can see — well, kind of, because I’m also aged and am awaiting new specs from the optician (bifocals — the eye doc kindly informed that after you hit 40, your eyes basically start turning into marbles. ok…) Anyway, now my marbles and I can see in the kitchen. And when I paint the ceiling black, it won’t be so dark.
Here are some daytime photos — am looking forward to nightfall tonight for the full lighting effect!

However, since the job cost about double what I expected, I may have to postpone sanding the pocket doors. I’m working with the heat gun now and was planning to buy a new fancy sander with a bag to sand tomorrow. I have to have a good look at my finances before deciding on whether to sand or not to sand…


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