Brain cells re-activated by ancient varnish fumes?

30 Oct

While the electricians were busy installing the new lights and taking down the mammoth front hall chandelier (that I need to bring to be re-wired and give a proper cleaning to), I was busy heat-gunning the last section of pocket door.

Last door heat gunned.

Last door heat gunned.

I still have to do the second round on the bottom, but tomorrow’s another day.

Here’s the chandelier awaiting re-wiring:

And this is the spacial hole left behind:

But the inspiration I had was to fish out the super heavy duty curtains I’d made several years ago for the downstairs front door (out of school uniform fabric that cost about 99 cents a yard on sale at the late lamented Hancock Fabrics) and use them in the kitchen. The orange velvet wasn’t working for me, and after spending all that money on the electricians and new eyeglasses, I didn’t fancy buying a bunch of fabric and insulation and making new drapes.

I think these plaid blue ones have a nice Yankee feel to them, and they’ll look quite dapper indeed with the black ceiling that is to come. I felt absence of draft as soon as I put them up. Three cheers for the brain restoration powers of varnish fumes — hip hip.. gaaarrarra…………

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