Idle hands

28 Oct

So there I was, feeding the dog and basically minding my own business in the kitchen. I’m planning to re-paint the kitchen soon-ish. So I was kind of thinking about painting, and I noticed for the millionth time what appeared to be loose wallpaper. I thought I’d give it a little tug and see what condition the condition of the wall was in. Well… the whole strip came up and revealed not the damaged plaster that I had feared but un-sanded, un-finished bare drywall.

My assumption is this: the previous owners (who were very kind and elderly and [in my opinion] were often ripped off by less than professional workers) hired someone to fix up this one wall in the kitchen, and said someone did a crappy job and just threw up some wallpaper (or wall liner — I can’t remember if the room was painted or papered when I moved in) rather than finish the walls.

So this is actually good news for me. I was dreading that the curved exterior wall was going to need actual plaster repair, which I can do, but would rather not do. Because it’s hard. And messy. And I’m lazy, like the guys who drywalled it a dozen years ago. So when I do do that voodoo that you do so well — i.e. re-paint the kitchen — I’ll pull all this junk off, sand the drywall, maybe give it a skim coat, paint it, and then have a nice paint-able wall without all the wrinkles and buckles I’ve been looking at all these years.

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