How long does it take to strip paint?

28 Oct

This represents four hours of work with the heat gun and scraper:

Still to come: all over sanding and chemical stripper for the molding — about two more hours of work time and at least 30-60 minutes of wait time while the chemical does its thing. Plus if I’m going to be good about it, another round of sanding.

So I’m going to call it eight hours of removal per side of each door, making it 32 hours of removal, plus a couple hours total of staining and oiling or polyeurathaning. 35 total? So if one were to pay a skilled professional, one might want to think about the time involved. Though a skilled pro might have all sorts of other tricks and techniques to make it go a lot faster.

And how much paint was removed in those four hours of heat gun stripping? Voici:

It doesn’t seem like much in the photo, but it seems like a LOT here on the ground. Well gang, there ain’t no stoppin’ me now. I’m on the move. I’m going to get the rest of the heat gun work done on Friday and Saturday and Sunday’s going to be my big sand-a-thon and stripeze-fun house (it’s also Halloween).

And then…. they’ll be so close to done. It’s taken me almost nine years, but I’m finally tackling them. woohoo.

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