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Late October tomato harvest !!!!!

23 Oct

I just harvested all these tomatoes today, October 23rd. Unbelievable! These are from the same TWO — count ’em TWO — plants I got for $1.99 each at Ocean State Job Lots in May. It’s freezing and I’m worried about frost, so I thought I’d gather up all the red ones — I had to make two trips! And I brought that brave little pepper in, too. Once the frost kills the plants (it might be today), I’m going to stretch ’em out and measure them, because they are MONSTERS. If the frost holds off for a few more days, I should even be able to pick more toms, because there are at least two dozen more green ones out there. Mamma mia!

October 23 2010 tomato havest

October 23 2010 tomato havest