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Coming attractions

12 Oct

Although I haven’t finished the pocket doors yet, I’m already thinking a lot about my next project, re-doing the kitchen (I’m in the kitchen a whole lot, so I see it a lot and think about re-doing it a lot). I picked up these two vintage pendant lights in Marlborough, CT yesterday ($10 for the pair — thanks, Craigslist!), and am hoping that the electrician will be able to come by the end of the month to wire up the ceiling on either side of the FP and install them.

I’m also going to have Skunkie’s couch re-upholstered. I had bought that very hardy orange velvet as a remnant several years ago (for the couch). I’m not sure if there’s enough of it. If not, I’m thinking deep purple velvet for the couch and use the orange to make heavy duty drapes for the door and window (cold-blocking mechanisms).

And last but not least…. I’m planning to paint the ceiling black and the bricks a beige-y color (the current trim color). The bricks are dingy and gross. And while I totally appreciate the idea of keeping to the integrity of materials, these were not ever meant to be exposed — they’re structural bricks and were supposed to have been covered with lath and plaster. So I’m painting them. Sue me, sue me, what can you do me, I love to paint bricks. : )