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Roof view

6 Oct

I am looking into getting a new roof in 2011. Not because I’m bored with the old one (although now with the leaks temporarily fixed it is slightly less exciting than when water would erupt overhead), but because I need one. A new roof was alleged to have been installed in 2001 (a year before I bought the house) in response to a massive collapse and leak (internal evidence of said abounds). The lifespan of the kind of roof I have is apparently ten years — flat roof, rolled rubber or something, heat, New England winters. So I’m looking into a PVC membrane roof which has a lifetime warranty. It’s going to be expensive. But it will be a one-time expense, versus a decennial expense. I’ve already had two major ($1000) fixes and a couple minor ($200) fixes to the crummy roof I have, so knowing I’m covered (ha ha) for life will be a good feeling.

Here are the photos the roofer took (because I’m sure as heck not climbing up there!)