Designer’s showhouse vs. home tour

23 Sep

I am deep in the throes of procrastination re: pocket door stripping. I was just about to change into my work clothes when I had a thought about designer show houses and “real people’s” home tours. So I thought I’d post about that rather than doing any work.

I don’t enjoy designer show houses very much. I used to think it was just because of the commercialism — everything has a price tag on it. But that’s not really it. I don’t begrudge the designers advertising their goods and services, and what better way than to see things in situ? No, I realized (just now) that it’s the soul-less-ness of the show houses that puts me off. This is the same element that I dislike in some magazine photos. Some people call such photos styled, or over-styled. I think of most of the interior photos in Traditional Home and Architectural Digest. There’s no feeling of life or lived-in-ed-ness. I’m all about hyphens today — I guess.

I love to see photos of rooms where people live that show how they live — electrical cords and all. I love to get a glimpse into people’s windows when I’m out walking around (not in a creepy, peeping tom sort of way, just… you know, if I’m walking by on the other side of the street and their lights are on and I can see people sitting at the dinner table or something). I realized that’s what’s most interesting to me. It’s wonderful to see magazine pictures or home tours of people who are fortunate enough to live in and enjoy beautiful surroundings. But it’s really unsatisfying to see a photograph or tour of a pretty space that isn’t being enjoyed or lived in.

Well, with that off my chest, I now must either find something else to prevent me from working or pull my finger out and get cracking on those doors.


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