Pocket door paint stripping, day one

18 Sep

The final picture represents about two hours of work. It’s kind of slow going because it’s sticking to my scraper and I have to keep scraping the scraper. There’s not much paint on the doors, though — one coat of a white semi-gloss, an off-white enamel under that (or yellowed once-white) and then the ubiquitous dark stain (which I like and would be prefectly happy to maintain, but there’s no way I know of taking off just the top two layers). As always, the flat areas are a dream compared to the molding with its nooks and crannies.

I’m hoping to get this one side of this one door totally stripped today, and maybe start sanding it, too. The pets are providing moral support by sleeping in various other rooms of the house. What would I do without them?!


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