Next project: Stripping pocket doors

16 Sep

There are very heavy, very solid, fully functioning pocket doors between the parlor and the dining room. Several years ago, I stripped the paint from four less substantial doors on this level (double doors to parlor, dining room door, and butler’s pantry door). I was able to take them off their hinges and bring them outside, where I applied Stripeeze, heat gun, dremel, sand paper, dental tools, etc. to get them down to the bare wood.

I never quite got around to stripping the pocket doors. I thought if I got them off their tracks I was unlikely to get them back on, and I knew they were really really heavy, so I thought that even with help, I would be able to manage getting them outside.

The in-situ paint stripping I spent many months of this year doing in the bathroom has convinced me to get cracking and tackle the pocket doors. It’s on my list for November, but I’m going to give it a first stab this weekend — I have the whole weekend basically free, and I have all the tools and equipment needed, so it’s a no-cost job.

I’ve noted that I tend to leave at least one thing undone in each room that I’ve renovated — I think in part, I just want to rush to the end and check it off my list and in part, I don’t want to be done renovating the house because I enjoy it so much. However, getting the pocket doors stripped, stained and poly-ed and painting the trim on the dining room side will mark the complete completion of the parlor/dining room. Let’s see what happens….


One Response to “Next project: Stripping pocket doors”

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