Un-junking, un-plugging

30 Aug

We had a neighborhood tag sale this past weekend. We’ve done this almost every year for the past five years or so. There’s often a lot of neighbor-to-neighbor sales, like at the flea market when the vendors wheel and deal with each other before the regular shoppers come by.

I’ve gotten rid of lots of stuff each year, yet still seem to have things to sell anew.

I had been toying with the idea of getting rid of my tv. I’d stopped watching it a few weeks ago (and went cold turkey on General Hospital, which I’d been watching since junior high school, when Luke and Laura where the big thing — and I quit just as Brenda was returning to the show! That’s huge!). I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by electronics (I say this by typing into my computer), and bad news and violence and advertisements. So I figured, hey, tag sale is a good a time as any to really get rid of the tv. So, I sold it. The TV, the digital converter box, the DVD player, the tv cart, videos, antenna — the whole kitankaboodle.

Also got rid of some odd plates, glasses, jewelry I never where. I made 150 bucks — woohoo! and the only thing I brought back in was a set of plates that didn’t sell that I had stored for my “summer home” (a concept, not a destination). Everything else that didn’t sell is piled in a neighbor’s lot and passersby are taking what they want. We’re bringing the rest to Savers later today. (if there is anything even left).

It feels great to be de-junked. I didn’t have tons of stuff, but it was stuff I didn’t need or want, and it was cluttering my life. We’ll see how no tv feels in the middle of the lonely winter. For now, I’m happy with my quiet mind and books to read.

I had vowed not to bring anything in — no purchases, no freebies from friends. Alas, I got a (really nice) coffee grinder and two (very pretty) glass ornaments from a friend. Progress, not perfection 🙂


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