The plan….

19 Aug

I’m an inveterate list maker. My dog’s self-soothing behavior is to gnaw at her own foot, mine is to make, look at, cross things off on, revise, and imagine the completion of items on a list.

Before I even moved into my house in 2002, I got a big fat notebook and started making sketches and plans and lists of stuff to do in the house. My plan at the outset was a ten-year one. I figured in ten years, I’d be able to totally renovate my home. I’m eight and a half years in, and while I’ve abandoned one major project (adding a bathroom on the top floor), the plan is otherwise going according to plan. I’ve certainly scaled down, revised, and changed things as I’ve gone along, but in terms of rooms completed, it’s going pretty well.

I have old lists all over the place — scribbled on the backs of envelopes, filed on my computer, stowed in junk drawers. Lots of lists. So this spring, I decided to make THE list and put it smack dab on the fridge, next to the sink, where I would see it several times a day (I probably read this in some self-help article).

Here it is:

The List.

The List.

As you will no doubt see, I’m behind schedule. The bathroom took more time and money than I imagined (this is a constant feature of my home improvement projects), and the oil tank happened much later than I expected. Oh well. I’m pleased to have finished what I have done so far, and plan (i.e. hope) to get the rest of the 2010 items done before the year is out.

How about you, dear readers? Do you make lists? Do you love ’em or hate ’em? Do they help or hinder you in moving forward? I’d love to hear your listmania stories!


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