New oil tanks installed

17 Aug

They did it! No shrubbery was injured in the process, and it’s not significantly grosser down there in the basement than ’twas before. The whole house smells very strongly of oil, but that will dissipate — it’s a lovely day and I have all the windows open and fans doing their thing.

Cosimo, Gooch, and Jason were the crew (same guys who got rid of the snowman and put in the new furnace). Jason was the one doing the digging in the garden, Gooch and Coz were on the inside working on the tanks. There was a ton of sludge and grossness in the old tank which they cut up with saws that made the whole house vibrate — weeeeee! They said they salvaged about ten gallons of oil, so that’s a start for November 1st (the day before which I try very very hard not to start the system).

The interesting discovery of today’s project? Two big old brownstone windowsills that I guess were part of the old window wells that used to exist beneath the semi-underground level (I know there is a term for this semi-underground, partially below grade level of the house, but I can’t remember it). The guys hauled them over to the edge of the front “yard” (it’s pretty small to call it a yard, but there we are), and now it’s like a little leaf barrier/wall.

The most relief-inducing discovery? That in addition to the tank being on death’s door, the cast iron pipes outside were in pretty rough shape and the crew estimated I would only have gotten about five more years out of them before they burst — so that’s a huge and unexpected benefit. Yay new oil tanks to go with the new furnace! I’m heating with style in 2010.


One Response to “New oil tanks installed”

  1. Alexis L. August 17, 2010 at 4:06 pm #

    Hurrah for progress! And I love those repurposed sills.

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