89 square foot house

10 Aug

I just watched a video about a man who designed an 89 square foot house (that looks to be on wheels). It’s his full-time home. This link brings you to the main page: http://vitality.yahoo.com/video-second-act-mark-kirkland-21318007 then you have to click on the movie about Jay Shafer (the Mark Kirkland story is about his “canwich” — a sandwich in a can that will last for up to a year in your desk drawer).

Anyway, back to the tiny house. It’s very cute. Very efficient in every way. He grew up in a 4,000 sq. ft house and saw waste everywhere, so he wanted to consume less and have a cute place to live (my paraphrase). There’s something very attractive about this to me, but I think that after the novelty wore off (maybe 6 months), I’d be yearning for more space. Although as a summer get away, I think it would be great (especially if it’s mobile — I love camping in an RV). He might live in California or some similar place, but I get stir crazy in my rambling Victorian in the winter, I think I would go totally nuts in that little house in a New England winter.

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