Beardsley poster

8 Aug

As I was putting up the wallpaper in my bathroom, I received the divine inspiration to add a Beardsley print (or two) to the walls. I’m a long-time fan of Aubrey Beardsley’s art. There used to be a wonderful restaurant called Beardsley’s in a nearby town that was filled with AB and AB-inspired art. My father used to take me there for Sunday brunch when I was a little girl and it made me feel very sophisticated and fancy. I also had two fabulous AB posters when I was in college that I got from a friend’s antique-shop-owning grandmother; I wonder what became of those posters?

Anyway, so there I was, hanging wallpaper and thinking about eggs benedict, linen napkins, visiting Long Island (antique shop), my childhood bedroom (the last place I remember seeing those posters), and thought I’d take a little break to see if there were any AB prints that I could afford on ye olde ebay.

Indeed — there was! This one! It’s Isolde drinking from the cup she just gave Tristan and that she believes is poison, but that is actually a love potion. I have recently become quite enchanted by Ludwig II of Bavaria, who was enchanted by Wagner and who (Ludwig) funded him (Wagner) and basically made the initial and continued success of many of his operas possible. So Aubrey Beardsley plus a (tenuous, but credible) connection to Ludwig II was a combination I couldn’t resist. Voila.


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