Savers score

7 Aug

I had that itch to go shopping today and scratched it at Savers (“The Thrift Department Store”). While I have long longed for a Fornasetti umbrella stand, that ain’t never gonna happen, unless I find one at Savers or a tag sale. So in the meantime, I found this great little number there for $5.99. It’s sturdy plastic and holds lots more umbrellas than that narrow little ceramic Fornasetti one. And with all the money I save, I can get a new roof and invite lots of people over on a rainy day and they can keep their umbrellas in my umbrella stand while enjoying the nice dry ceilings.

I also got some nice brown plates and bowls (I have a thing for brown plates), some cute curtains for the kitchen door, a bathmat with a “N” monogram (I thought it was a “W”, which is my surname initial, but figured what the heck, I need a new bathmat, so the “N” can stand for “new”), two tall water glasses, and a bath towel (yup, I even get used towels). Grand total: $32.25 Take that, fancy shmancy online stores and your evil plastic wrap and styrofoam peanuts!

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