Door: the final frontier

28 Jul

The last piece of the bathroom renovation is to strip, stain, and paint various pieces of the door. And possibly cut it a bit. I started the paint stripping yesterday and it is a piece of cake, cake walk, walk in the park, easy as pie, etc. etc. compared to the beadboard. I’m planning to follow my patented paint removal method: step one — heat gun and scraper, step two — heat gun and scraper again (for varnish, casein paint, etc.), step three — peelaway 7, step four — sand paper.

I’m planning to strip the inside part of the door thoroughly and stain it to match the wood in the bathroom, and am just going to give the exterior/hallway facing side a good sand and paint it black (all the doors in the hallways will eventually be black). Am debating about removing the hinges and giving them a good polish.

In unrelated news (but near the door, outside) — what big tomato plants I have! I planted two $1.99 tomato plants in May (bought at Ocean State Job Lots, of all places) and they’re monsters! Honestly, they’re about five feet tall each and look like a hedge. And they’re producing tomatoes like crazy — the first one I had was kind of mealy, but the rest have been splendid. Such a nice treat to have a warm tomato off the vine!


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