Oh sweet mystery of bath at last I’ve found you…

20 Jul

I have rejoined the human race after six weeks of being without a bath. The plumber came and hooked almost everything up (the only thing I really wanted was a bath, and that was done, done, and done). He has to come back tomorrow with a couple of pieces for the sink and the toilet. What incredible joy to sit and soak and look at all the changes in the bathroom. I gazed at the golden glazed ceiling, admired the ingenious under-sink construction, blinked under the glow of the ceiling light — ahhhhhh.

Please note the glowing haze around the photos — I think the bathroom is happy to be done with all that dreadful white. I will paint the outside of the tub black very soon and clean the inside of it. That should make the old house even more happy. It definitely does not look like a new installation.

Funnily, two friends who do not share my taste in interior decor each remarked (on independent visits), “oh, I really like your bathroom” back when it was white and offending my very being at every turn (while clearly the rest of my house was offending their very beings).

What a relief to be able to bathe! Now I just have to strip the paint off the door (it’s sitting outside awaiting my ministrations), chip away at the excess grout, get the glass people out here to put in a mirror and save up my sheckels for the wallpaper.

I LOVE IT!!! In other noteworthy news, the bathroom was the last remaining room to be renovated in the house (other than the major plumbing needed to install an additional bathroom on the top floor — totally beyond my economic reality for the foreseeable future). The only remaining *new* interior work to be done is the hallways — a big, messy, costly, and time consuming job, but the last one — hooray!

2 Responses to “Oh sweet mystery of bath at last I’ve found you…”

  1. littleaugury July 21, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

    great job-much admiration for you diligence and design skills!

  2. Erica Walch July 23, 2010 at 6:04 pm #

    Thank you! I’m loving the form AND the function v. much 🙂

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