Mostly plumbed

20 Jul

The sink is working (yay!) and the plumber tightened a nut on the tub (it was a little leaky after my bath yesterday), but he forgot to get a flapper for the toilet (boo), so I’m going to give flapper replacement the old college try. The plumber can come back if I can’t do it myself. Am off to Home Depot to return tons of excess stuff (and to see if they’ll cut a piece of marble I bought from them and want to make into two shelves).

Painted the outside of the tub black today and it looks great! In other fabulous news, Liz the Magnificent is giving me four rolls of charming old wallpaper that she’d bought for a project at her place and isn’t going to use. I had wanted to use the Candace Wheeler Honeybee paper from Wm. Burrows, but it was going to cost $600, and I told Liz I’d be saving my pennies for *quite* some time, so she looked around in her archives and came up with a lovely, lovely alternative. Just have to figure out a way to seal it. Lots of fun installing the paper around the tub and stuff, too….

I love it up there so much that I’ve repeatedly just sat on the floor and marveled at it. Tonight I’ll be enjoying civilization thusly: clean sheets in a clean bedroom with a clean dog (she doesn’t know this yet) and a nice bath. Now that’s a staycation!

Today’s photos:


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