Grout removal is done (for now)

16 Jul

It’s done. I hear a choir of angels singing hallelujiah in my ears.

The really, really good news is that whatever speckles (or smears) of grout I may fail to remove today (due to utter exhaustion), I can get up later with a razor blade and time. So if some winter day I have a massive work project, I can postpone starting that project by remembering the grout splatters in the bathroom and address them then.

I’ve learned a lot about grout during this process. And (as in so many things) what I lack in skill, I make up for in persistence. I’ve gotten to know each tile on the bathroom floor quite intimately as I’ve carressed each one’s outline with a metal putty knife, scraping the grout from the perimeter and the surface.

So my keys to removing horridly excessive grout from tiles are:

(1) persistence
(2) a putty knife with plastic edge
(3) a putty knife with metal edge
(4) “Haze remover” from Home Depot (wear gloves!)
(5) persistence
(6) a million buckets of clean water and a couple of sponges
(7) the free time that comes from being a marginal member of the working world
(8) did I mention persistence.

Ta da! Another Gudenov production.

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