Bathroom floor: reserving judgement

9 Jul

Well. The handyman finished tiling today. It looked so good as it was going in. So good. But then…. well, he decided that one of the tiles in the border was higher up than the others, so he took it out. And that seemed to shift a bunch of things around on the border in that area — of course, it’s right by the door, so it’s the first thing you see.

Then, the final row of tiles — again, right by the door, the first thing you (and by you, I mean I) see is this big uneven row. The rest of the floor looks great — really, really, fantastic — but I fear it will be marred by this unsightly area just as one walks into the room. I’m hoping the dim lighting and beautiful wallpaper will distract from these floor irregularities and that I will be able to focus on the greatness and not this one bad area.

So tomorrow, my plan is to finish the ceiling, (trying not to drop the hammer and thus crack a tile), fix up the wood where needed, and then… GROUT THE FLOOR — I’m hoping the grout will also help hide the bad area. Dave said it will. We shall see.

If all goes well, I’ll be able to put up some baseboards and seal the grout Monday and get the plumber in to hook up the tub — woo hoo! I cannot WAIT to take a bath. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten several gifts of soap recently…. a message? sniff? sniff?

3 Responses to “Bathroom floor: reserving judgement”

  1. littleaugury July 9, 2010 at 1:34 am #

    amazing what you did with the different things you had- very impressive!

  2. Alexis L., The Studioist July 9, 2010 at 5:21 pm #

    I have stared at the picture and I honestly cannot see the imperfection. The design is great and nothing I could have dreamed up. The room’s going to be beautiful.

    • Erica Walch July 9, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

      Thank you. I kind of freaked out about the tile deal (and hid it from the camera in this photo). It will look fine when it’s all grouted.

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