Wasps read blogs

25 Jun

Apparently someone told the wasps/hornets/flying death machines that the rotting salami on a stick was a trap. Not a one of ’em went for it, so I’m going to take Liz’s advice and just shut the window and wait for Fall to knock out the empty one.

My poor house guest: he has to bathe in the kitchen sink, his room has a lethal insect nest in it, and there are shards of wood and dirt everywhere. I’m the worst host ever — aarghhh 😦


One Response to “Wasps read blogs”

  1. Alexis L. June 25, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    Initial reaction when I read post title: Is the WASP community really under-served when it comes to blog readership? Very surprising.

    I imagine that I will be the very same kind of hostess when I finally buy and renovate.

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