You may catch more bees with honey, but you catch more hornets with meat.

23 Jun

Or at least I hope so. I have a hornets nest cozyed up in the corner of the guest room window. And I have a guest coming in two days, so I want to get rid of the hornets. So I did what one does — internet research (or “insearch” as a friend and I tried to introduce into widespread usage, so far to no avail) — and found that meat placed on a stick over a pan of soapy water is the fregan way to get rid of the unwanted guests.

Now I’m a big vegetarian, Cathol-o-Buddhist, do no harm type of gal, but these bad boys are bad, and I’m just going to have to kill them. I just put the pan up there and left the room. I’m hoping they’ll eat the meat and fall into the soapy water to a not-too-painful death so I can clean up the carcasses before my guest arrives.

I had a nest of these guys INSIDE the room a few years ago (same room); they had built their nest on one of the curtains. It’s really high up (fourth floor, as you can see from one of the photos) and I guess they really like it there. Sorry, guys.

I’ve also had several bats, a wolf spider the size of a quarter, and a rat in the toilet. I usually call my friend Liz for moral support when I have strange animals in the home (she’s also the first on my list when I sprain my ankle, and does great work with pet behavior, when my dog went on a hunger strike while I was on vacation, Liz figured out how to coax food into the dog). I did call her this time, but in the end, I just got the lunch meat from her and decided to braven up a bit and try this one on my own.

I can’t wait to see what condition the tray of meat is in tomorrow morning.

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