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The plan is going according to plan!

17 Apr

Ha! as the Car Talk guys say. I had a workman in today who said I could indeed move the mysterious slab of beadboard that was installed in the doorway to nowhere and use it to replace the junky wall and patch up some beadboard gaps.

This workman happens to be a fellow I met though Craigslist (I have a great love of CL — I’m working five part-time jobs at the mo’ ALL of which I found on CL). He was selling an antique brass bridge mixer faucet, 11 3/4″ spread, for which I had been searching high und low, and I picked it up quite happily at his house. As we were chatting, it came out that he was working for a contractor and was laid off but doing jobs on the side. He and his family live in an old house and I saw that he’d done a lot of work around the place himself, so I asked him to give me a quote on my bathroom job (with his old faucet). Luckily for him, he’s found a job (a good sign for the rest of us, I hope), but is still doing side jobs. So he measured things up today and is going to get back to me with a quote.

I have the last batch of Peel Away 7 doing its magic on the mysterious beadboard in the doorway to nowhere right now. I hope to finish the sanding tomorrow and lay on some linseed oil and MOP THE FLOOR — it’s soooooo gross on that floor right now.

I took some photos, but my phone (which is currently serving as my camera) needs charging before I post them. I’m so glad I can have the real wood glow in there. 🙂