6 Apr

I’m giving up on restoring the wood in my bathroom. I spent about six years a week working on this one section, and it’s just so damaged that there’s no way to make the wood look good. Boo hoo. I really wanted the gorgeous amber glow of this wood to envelop me as I bathed, but there we are.

The new plan is to finish sanding the wood to paint-able levels (MUCH less work), and paint it a nice gray with blush walls and ceiling.

I’m trying to find a handyman to do much of the work, because I’m kind of over the whole thing. But I still ain’t got the funds to do it, so we’ll just see what happens next.

One Response to “Uncle.”

  1. littleaugury April 6, 2010 at 10:44 pm #

    oh, it is disappointing, but the grey sounds very good. I have used it a number of time for beadboard work and trims and clients love love loved it. pgt

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