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How to remove paint from beadboard

16 Mar

When I moved in in 2002, every surface in my house was painted either white or brown. I’m a big fan of color, natural wood, and wallpaper, so I’ve been un-whitening things as I’ve gone along.

I’m a victim of the Great Depression 2.0 recession, and have been looking for low-to-no cost projects to occupy my time.

So I figured I’d see what was under the bead board in the bathroom. There are at least a dozen layers of paint on those bad beadboard boys. I’m probably going to gain a square foot of space when it’s all off.

I started with PeelAway 7, a great product for up to say five coats. But no match for my situation. So yesterday I fished out my trusty heat gun (several years ago I bought the cheapest one for sale at Rocky’s — it probably cost no more than $30.00 and works great) and a scraper and had at it.

Heat gun first is DEFINITELY the way to go if you have many many layers of paint and varnish. I’m going to assess the overall condition of the wood (so far, it looks great, except for white plugs that appear to be filled with plaster spaced at regular intervals along the top. Not sure what those are all about). If the wood is in good nick all around, I’ll re-apply some PeelAway, finish up with a good sanding, and treat and protect the wood. If the wood is awful in places, I’ll just give a quick sand and paint it all.

I’m not sure what to do about the gaping portal to the netherworld that I felt compelled to un-cover. I’m hoping to find a few spare pieces of beadboard that I can liberate from somewhere else and pop into the void.