Homemade bread

26 Feb

I recently learned how to make bread — I took a WONDERFUL workshop at the WONDERFUL Genesis Center in Westfield, MA.

I had tried to make bread in the past, and it was always a disaster and I had a big phobia about it. But thanks to our patient and gifted teacher, Katie Pinard, and thanks to the support of the other student bakers in the class, I did it! I was sure my loaf would be a rock, but it was delicious! There were no dud loaves in the whole class. Yay!

So today, I gathered up my courage and got some yeast out and experimented with four different loaves. This is a great project for the semi-employed because it is time-consuming, requires physical exertion (read: free workout), is very inexpensive, and provides food).

The first photo is all of us at the workshop with our beautiful loaves, and the second are the four I baked up today.

We’re hoping for a second bread making class (maybe braided breads!). Yay bread!

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