Ta da! Banisters and newels done.

13 Feb

It took about 15-20 hours over the course of two weeks to get the banisters and newels stripped, sanded, and oiled up. I didn’t stain them. After stripping with PeelAway7 and sanding (mostly by hand, but with the help of a small electric sander on some newel places), I wiped the wood down with de-natured alcohol, and then applied boiled linseed oil to the wood. I did a lot of research online and in a woodworking store about the best way to make the wood look and feel great. I’m really glad I went with the boiled linseed oil, as it seems more natural than stain and polyurethane, and it feels much better than poly.

I had some boiled linseed oil in stock from another project, had the sandpaper and rags and stuff, so I estimate that the total project cost about $35.00 in new purchases (I needed some more steel wool, and I got eye protective goggles, plus the cost of about a third of a bucket of peel away). It was messy (the stripping goop, the sawdust, the clean up — not quite done cleaning up), it was time consuming, but now it’s done and I think the wood looks GREAT!

Again, please forgive the photo quality. I’m using my phone’s camera and it doesn’t have a flash (but who’d a thunk it that a phone would even take pictures???)

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