Banister paint stripping

5 Feb

I decided to re-do my hallways and bathroom this year as economically as I could, rather than wait to get a full time job and take out a big home equity loan. My hope is to get these two big projects and lots of other little projects in the house done by the end of the summer and start a new life and new career in the fall. Vediamo.

I decided to start with the halls. I wanted to strip the poo-brown paint from the banisters and newel posts. I have a four storey house, so there are three flights of stairs, four landings, and two newel posts. One strip of banister had already been stripped, stained, and was lovely.

I used Peel Away 7, which did quick work with the banisters. The newel posts have been a bit more recalcitrant, and will require vigorous sanding. They have more nooks and crannies, and have some old varnish or something in spots that is just not coming off.

I got a huge bucket of Peel Away 7 (it was on sale at Home Depot for $47.00), as I plan to use it on several other projects. I bought a new pair of heavy duty rubber gloves and a disposable brush. I had a plastic scraper already, so I feel that my outlay for this project was about $20.00 and it took around 20 hours.

I’m going to sand, stain, and polyurethane the wood next week. Ta da!

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